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Community leaders demand major changes to Bill 10

Press release

Dozens of community and institutional leaders gathered Monday morning to demand significant changes to Bill 10.

More than three dozen groups, including some regional associations that viewed the press conference live online, supported the brief presented by the Quebec Community Groups Network to the National Assembly’s Committee on Health and Social Services on October 30. More groups, including school boards and community associations, joined together to support a community statement decrying the proposed legislation.

Supported by a petition that has been signed by more than 7000 Quebecers (www.bill10.com), the groups said Health Minister Gaétan Barrette must take the time to look at all the potential side effects, including the major ones Bill 10 will have on the vitality and identity of Quebec’s English-speaking community.

To

If you share our deep concerns regarding Bill 10, please sign the PETITION here.


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