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What is the GMCDI?

The Greater Montreal Community Development Initiative (GMCDI) was created to mobilize diverse English-speaking communities and sectors of the Greater Montreal area and help identify shared community development challenges and priorities to determine the most effective strategies to address them.

The GMCDI is an initiative of the Quebec Community Groups Network, a not-for-profit organization bringing together 36 English-language community organizations across Quebec for the purposes of supporting and assisting the development and enhancing the vitality of the English-speaking minority communities.

The QCGN identified in its five year 2005 Strategic Plan that the English-speaking communities of the Greater Montreal area should receive support and assistance in developing a project that would help it identify and explore how to address key issues related to its long-term development. The outcome was the GMCDI. The GMCDI represents a group of community volunteers that wishes to engage and consult English-speaking Montrealers, community leaders, and local professionals on key issues affecting the English-speaking communities of the Greater Montreal Area. In order to address community development challenges and priorities for the English-speaking community of Greater Montreal, Task Forces have been established in three key sectors in order to better assess and respond to the needs of the community.

The Task Forces are: Arts, Culture and Heritage, Education and Employability, and Health and Social Services.